Our committee

The Committee 

Earith Pre-School7 is run by a committee of volunteers, including parents, the staff and members of the local community.

The committee hold committee meetings every half term which are normally held at the pre-school in the evening or at a members house if it is during the day.

Joining the committee allows members to gain an understanding of the legal, financial and educational processes involved in running the pre-school. Our role is that of strategic management, we delegate the day to day management to the pre-school manager.

Committee officers have a term of office of one year, but may serve more than this if they are re-elected.

You can make a difference

If you are interested in being part of the committee please click here to contact us. Being part of the committee is a great way to take an active role in the pre-school and your child’s early years development.

Committee roles and what we do:

Chairperson: Contact person for Ofsted and the Pre-school Learning Alliance (PLA), chairs meetings and carries out the Managers supervisions.

Treasurer: Oversees all financial transactions (invoices, payroll) and produces the annual financial statement.

Secretary: Takes the minutes of meetings and distributes them to the manager and committee and writes letters on behalf of the committee.

Fundraising Members: Organise fundraising events and dream up new ways of bringing extra funds into the pre-school for all those little extras.

General Committee Members: attend meetings, offer suggestions and advice, help out at fundraising and other events.

Why not join us as a general member and see what it’s all about before taking on a specific role?