221818 Earith Pre-School Ofsted Report

Earith Pre-School 7 were Ofsted inspected on the 8th December 2015 and were classified overall as ‘Good’

We are pleased that OFSTED inspectors observed:

A broad programme of professional development has developed staff’s knowledge and strengthened their teaching skills. This helps them to ensure that all children make good progress in their learning.

Staff and Managers work as a cohesive team. They deploy themselves well to support children in their learning and keep them safely supervised.

Children and staff have warm and affectionate relationships. They are confident to approach staff for help and welcome their involvement in their games.

Secure partnerships with parents helps to support children’s emotional well-being. Parents have a high regard for the pre-school and share frequently in their children’s learning experiences.

Children benefit from a broad range of enjoyable learning experiences that are tailored well to their individual interests. In particular, staff promote children’s speaking and listening skills well in the readiness for the move on to school.

Parents with any questions or concerns regarding Ofsted’s findings are encouraged to speak to a member of staff.



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